• Oscilloscopes
    DL 850V Scope Corder - Introducing Our Ultra-Fast Memory Recorder!
  • Hand Held Instruments
    CW120/240 - Realization of Power & Power Quality Management using a CW240
  • Calibration Tools - Pressure
    HPC 600 - calibrator features a built-in electrical pump system, for generation of pressure and vacuum, with a touch of a single key!

Premier Test Cal Systems
is a technology driven company, offering end to end marketing & sales for the Test & Measurement industry in the field of Basic Test Instruments, Telecom, Datacom, Wireless, Storage Area Networks and RF.

CHROMA Soldering Tools and Equipment

Our products require minimal training time, and are easy and comfortable to use We design our products to be multi-functional and flexible ...

CHROMA Video Microscope

The mask designed for multiple functions can be used with magnification lens to observe the object with non-contact, contact and oblique for three-dimension effect...

Product Overview